56 PSI

Artist's Statement

In my work I am constantly exploring the relationship between sculptural form and the forces of nature. Discovering new places that alter the stone’s natural appearance is the foundation of my creative development. There is a particular elegance and history to stone that allows me to expose my working process within the medium, acknowledging the inherent beauty of the material. The majority of the stone is sourced in British Columbia. Working with the material from its place of origin and having a personal connection to it continues to inspire my exploration of its potential.

My approach to sculpture has slowly evolved from earlier works with refined, often highly- polished surfaces to my more recent work where I have placed a greater importance on the natural shape and texture of the stone.

Throughout my career, I have enjoyed incorporating a sense of humour into my sculptures, as a way to both intrigue and delight my audience. The use of satire allows an idea to be more accessible; both inviting the viewer to question and interpret the completed work.